10 Fashion Brands We Love


Unless you’re home alone, you’ve got to wear something under your STAXX jewellery! That’s why we thought we’d share some of our all-time favourite fashion brands that resonate with our aesthetic, morals and ethos as a business.

While we’re mad about jewellery, the STAXX team are also fashion-fanatics. From the established luxury houses creating dreamy aspirational clothing to the small emerging brands infusing sustainability into every aspect of their businesses, there’s inspiration to be found wherever you look. 

Below, check out 10 of our favourite fashion brands!

staxx favourite fashion brands jewellery Molly Goddard

You’re probably familiar with London-based brand Molly Goddard, an eponymous label that made tulle cool again. Goddard launched her brand in 2014 with a collection of oversized voluminous dresses that introduced the brand’s signature ruffled aesthetic, and since then it’s expanded into a quirky and unique ready to wear label. We love Molly’s sense of playfulness and individuality: her pieces are made for fearless women who exude confidence — something that really resonates with the STAXX team. 

staxx favourite fashion brands saint laurentSaint Laurent

Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello is currently at the helm of iconic brand Saint Laurent, beloved for its edgy, androgynous aesthetic. Leather, sequins, vinyl and latex — all in jet black, of course — are signature to the brand, with references to mod, rocker and dandy subcultures strewn throughout the collections. We love Saint Laurent’s too-cool attitude.

staxx favourite fashion brandsTotême

For something a bit more minimal and pared back, we get inspired by Swedish brand Totême, which was founded in 2014 in Stockholm. The brand is all about creating the perfect wardrobe of classic pieces — leather jackets, denim, neutral knitwear and coats that are timeless yet modern. This is the sort of clothing that makes your jewellery pop — nothing cooler than gold chains against a crisp white tee in our opinion! 

staxx favourite fashion brands rave reviewRave Review

Founded in 2017, Rave Review uses entirely up cycled materials to create their covetable clothing. Rejecting the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, Rave Review’s collections are made to stand out from the noise in order to spread an important message that ethical design can be cool too. To source their fabrics, the team collaborates with recycling centres in Sweden as well circular fashion organisations. We love the mix-match coats made from old blankets!

staxx favourite fashion brands

Khaite NY

Khaite is another amazing label that we are obsessed with. This New York-based brand’s ethos is “The Feminine Unique” and is all about a balance of contrasts. “Designed to be cherished, each piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements—past and future, masculine and feminine, strength and softness, structure and fluidity—while embodying a signature sensuality and ease,” says the brand. Our favourite thing about Khatie is the super high quality materials and attention to details that make it a brand after our own heart.

staxx favourite fashion brands jacquemus


Ahhh Jacquemus, how we’ve dreamed of swanning about the south of France in one of your gorgeous strappy dresses! If this brand doesn’t remind you of warm summer evenings, nothing will. We love the simple sexiness of Jaquemus’ clothing, which allows the beautiful natural materials (and wearer) to be the star of the show. We firmly believe that your clothing should highlight your individual style rather than mask it, and Jacquemus does just that! 

staxx favourite fashion brands

Alexander McQueen

Romantic, dramatic, a little bit gothic, we can’t get enough of McQueen, ever since the brand emerged as a cult favourite in the 90s. Now, it’s a powerhouse brand that continues to live up to Lee McQueen’s legacy — flawless tailoring, impressive craftsmanship and moody colour palettes reimagined in new and inventive ways each season. 

staxx favourite fashion brands

Christopher John Rogers

A relatively young brand, Christopher John Rogers is based in New York and creates “emotional & sensitive clothing with a focus on effortful dressing, directed towards an individual with a strong sense of self.” It’s won fans like Zendaya and Michelle Obama with super vibrant colours and bold silhouettes. There’s something pretty magical about a head-to-toe neon yellow power suit, isn’t there? 

staxx favourite fashion brands


Nanushka, a Budapest-based brand, inspires us with its earthy colours and retro aesthetic. Famed for its vegan leather pieces, Nanushka is all about functional, comfortable and stylish classics that are made to last. The company has really amazing sustainability credentials, and shares lots of information about their materials, manufacturing and more! We love to see it. 

staxx favourite fashion brands

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

Mark Kenly Domino Tan is a Copenhagen-based brand that has an emphasis on refined tailoring, minimal colour palettes and super high quality construction. We love the focus on draping and suiting, crisp white cotton dresses and subtle design details that give MKTD its edge. There’s a noticeable push and pull of feminine, delicate flow and sharp masculine tailoring that we think is pulled off masterfully by this brand.