How to Nail the Curated Ear Trend


Nothing completes an outfit like a great pair of earrings, but why stop at one? The curated ear trend has been going strong for a few years now, and we're huge fans. Not only does a constellation of studs, hoops, huggies and cartilage piercings look incredibly cool, but it's a great way to inject personality into your look. 

With limitless styling opportunities, no two curated ears are alike. We're firm believers in individuality, expressing your creativity your way, and feeling liberated from trends or "must-have" jewellery. Our range of classic yet modern earrings give you just that. But first, check out how a few of our STAXX muses have styled their curated ears. 

The Curated Ear Muses

Zoe Kravitz

On of our favourite actresses, Zoe Kravitz's dainty pixie cut perfectly showed off her delicate earring curation. A mix of tiny gold studs, pearls and tragus hoops create a subtle yet stylish look that we're big fans of.

Adwoa Aboah

We can't talk about curated ears without mentioning the queen of the piercings: Adwoa Aboah. This British model has got her earring style down to a fine art. Her eclectic, cluttered curation is full of precious stones and metals in a mix of gold and silver. This look takes a lot of dedication, but we say the more the merrier! 


Rihanna is a bit of a chameleon, embracing any style with ease. One of our favourite curated ears by this music icon is a simple diamond stud with a cuff. Sometimes, paring back your ear curation lets the individual pieces shine bright and create more impact. 

Scarlet Johansson

Scarlett is no stranger to a red carpet, and every time she incorporates an exciting, edgy element to her outfit using earrings. Here, she's played with proportions — one oversized jewel drop earring paired with lots of delicate huggies all up the side of her ear. 

FKA Twigs

This isn't the first time we've shouted praises for ultimate STAXX muse FKA Twigs, whose daring, unique musical and personal style we adore. In this look, Twigs experiments with earrings of different lengths to create a dramatic curation. 

Get the Look with STAXX

Feeling inspired? Start to create your own ear curation with STAXX pieces. Our range includes both subtle and statement hoops, huggies, studs and cartilage piercings for you to mix and match. Check out a few of our bestsellers below.

Kamoka Clicker Hoop Earring14K Gold

Sophie Floyd Serpent Labret Earring 14K Gold

Limited Edition Sophie Floyd Liberty Hoops in Silver

Sakura Fan Labret Earring 14K Gold

Sophie Floyd Naomi Hoops in Silver

Why Buy STAXX Earrings?

Why choose STAXX for your curated ear? We use only the finest 'gold' standard 14K gold to make our earrings. This is the best possible gold you can use for cartilage piercings because it's super durable and doesn't degrade, even if it's exposed to water or sweat. 

This lowers the chance of allergic reactions that you may have to certain materials like copper and means you can wear your pieces everyday without worrying about them. 

All of our labrets are internally threaded with a flat back for your comfort. This creates a more polished look and also means you don't have to take them out!

Treat yourself to our decorative, luxurious jewellery and get creative curating your ears. Check out our range now!