All Staxx jewellery is skillfully designed and is expertly crafted by artisans using high quality, fine and lasting materials such as solid 14k gold and sterling silver.
Our jewellery is designed to be worn, enjoyed and lived in.
This care guide will help you maintain your jewellery to ensure its longevity.  


The ‘gold’ standard for piercings is well gold, 14k gold to be precise. Gold is the perfect material for piercings as it is very malleable and pliable meaning it can be shaped into any beautiful shape you can think of. Our solid gold labrets are the perfect way to treat yourself to some decorative luxury at an affordable price. 

The 14K labrets and earrings in the Staxx collection are there for life. These pieces will last forever and are the perfect way to begin a curated ear collection. If the labrets are cared for they could even end up as heirlooms to pass down, that’s how long lasting 14K gold is.


All that glistens isn’t always gold, sometimes it’s gold plated. Gold plated jewellery is often more durable and lasting than real gold. If you want to keep your jewellery looking sharp and shiny, we got you! Here are some do’s and don'ts to keep your pieces glossy AF. 

Leave your jewellery out of your gym routine! 

Moisture and heat are not good for jewellery. So make sure to remove your pieces when swimming, showering, exercising or anything else you can think of where you might get wet. 

Speaking of moisture

If you're using moisturizers or lotions make sure they are fully absorbed into the skin before placing any rings, necklaces or bracelets on. The same goes for perfumes, make sure those wrists and necks are dry! 


Everytime you remove your jewellery, give it a wipe over with a cotton bud to remove any dirt or sweat you might have built up over a busy day. The more often this is done, the easier it is to keep your jewellery in top notch condition. You can also give it a rub with a really soft cloth, like those ones you get with sunglasses, to give it a little shine. 

Do not use jewellery cleaners as they can be abrasive due to the nasty chemicals. If it does need a little cleaning, use warm (NOT HOT) soapy water, pop it into soak for no more than 2 minutes then clean with either a soft cloth or maybe a soft toothbrush. 


Keep your plated jewellery separate from other pieces as friction can cause dullness. Wrap it up in a soft cloth or keep it in the cute packaging it arrived in. Also on the friction front, try not to fall asleep in your jewellery, you don’t want it rubbing all over your sheets.

Follow all of these and your pieces should stay beautiful and shiny for a very very long time!