staxx luxury accessible womens jewellery STAXX isn’t your average jewellery brand. It’s made for the creative, the curious, the experimental at heart.

Through unique luxury jewellery, we encourage individuality and aim to inspire our customers to push the limits of their own creativity. 

We believe in inclusivity — race, nationality, gender and sexuality — and we’re building a community of diverse creatives who share one core belief: never limit your self expression. 


COMMUNITY We believe in fostering a strong sense of community. We’re doing this by creating a wide variety of content that shows off the talents of the people that inspire us to keep pursuing our art. 
Through our upcoming series, The Creators, our goal is to spotlight and celebrate the creatives who inspire us — whether they’re artists, dancers, poets or photographers. STAXX is set to become a unique and exciting community of rule-breakers and status-quo shakers.

COLLABORATION We believe in the power of collaboration. STAXX wouldn’t be where it is today without the creative talent we’ve collaborated with since launching in 2014. Our collections are brought together by a diverse range of creative minds that work together to create magic! 
We have partnered up with some of our favourite creatives to co-create collections like the Sophie Floyd X STAXX capsule, a range of jewellery designed by tattoo and makeup artist Sophie Floyd. In our eyes, Sophie is the queen of self-expression who personifies the STAXX mission. Stay tuned for many more inspiring collaborations to come.
SUSTAINABILITY We believe that sustainability is a non-negotiable that should be a priority for every business, including ours. We use only recycled materials to make your STAXX jewellery. All of our 14k gold pieces are made from recycled gold, and 90% of our sterling silver pieces are made from recycled silver. 
We ensure that our packaging is entirely plastic-free, in fact, all of our mailers are compostable! It’s imperative that as a business reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, so we’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. 

STAXX jewellery is made to a luxury standard with high quality materials that are designed to last. There are no fast-fashion pieces in our collection. We design timeless pieces that reject passing trends and instead, create classic styles that will never go out of fashion.
We’re not perfect, but we’re committed to sharing our journey with you, our community. We’re constantly striving to improve our practices to bring you sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured jewellery that will last a lifetime. 
ACCESSIBLE LUXURY We believe there should be no barriers between you and your creativity. We aim to bring as many people with us on this journey of self expression as possible. That’s why we make unique jewellery, handcrafted from luxury materials, at affordable prices. At STAXX, we want to give you value by keeping our prices competitive. 
Our collections come together intuitively — we don’t follow trends, themes or patterns — we go with our gut. Our unique yet classic pieces can be easily mixed and matched together or worn alone. Designing jewellery is a form of art, and styling the jewellery is an expression of that art. We are the creators, you’re the curators.