Never one for the 9-to-5 security blanket and a ‘break the rules’ advocate, starting a business, where I can create and explore my curiosity at my own pace, was the only conceivable path. Music had always been my passion and being a professional drummer for ten years, I decided it was time to explore something new.

Being a jewellery lover and always looking for unique vintage pieces to add to my collection, designing and creating my own meaningful pieces was a natural step and before I knew it, I was making custom jewellery orders in the hundreds daily!

Finding something that inspires me is a big factor of the equation. Without the artistic expression that STAXX allows me, I would not have made it to eight full years in business. I’m still hacking and hustling my way to the top! 

With STAXX, I wanted to give people value. STAXX allows me to be innovative but also gives our audience the chance to convey their unique style. Designing jewellery is a form of art, styling the jewellery is an expression of that art.

Looking to the future, STAXX will not just be about creating unique quality jewellery but forging a creative community. Building relationships with this community and artists that we collaborate with is so important to me. Purpose and value is everything. We will create a wide variety of content that will show off the talents of the people that inspire us to keep pushing our art.

My goal for STAXX is to be a unique collective of rule-breakers and status-quo shakers we call creatives. It's us. It's you.

Love, Anna.